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Grade 1-on-1 personalized tutoring for English spring synchronization improved

Spring of third grade English learning to pay attention to what the feature is the knowledge points, test centers, entering the third grade learning is particularly apparent in the spring, and every day there are a lot of words, sentences, texts, grammar needs memory, reciting. Advantages of learning English in this period was "large capacity, high density, quick-paced", wanting to learn a new lesson which should be to review the contents of an entire Middle school learning. Students must do three rounds of review at this stage, for some of the grammar, such as some tense, noun, pronoun usage and object clause, adverbial systematic study. Listening, reading, writing, and also training, improve their overall skills. On indefinitely, with a smattering of knowledge should be combed, build a knowledge framework. Vocabulary review process to avoid the "at a glance, a write error".
  Before the test you should have basic knowledge of how to learn systematically after several years of study, have learned the basics, there will certainly be some forgotten. So, first step exam review outline should be based on the test requirements previously scattered knowledge system structure of induction and found deficiencies, makes a firmer grasp of the basics and organized. For example, grammar, tests the syntax there are 18 high-frequency test centers, including vocabulary, expressions, collocations, eight kinds of temporal and other key content. In this phase of the review, should be in accordance with the different characteristics of the 18 test sites for knowledge points of comb and summary of knowledge systems. In the meantime, weak knowledge of practising a firm grasp.
  Special for senior high school entrance examination questions reinforce breakthroughs, starting with targeted intensive training exam. Main purpose of the review and the review focus on this stage, should raise all kinds of questions ability to solve problems, understand and grasp the characteristics of various kinds of questions questions, knowledge of different types of problem-solving skills.
  Spring courses can teach you what grade is Sprint students towards the entrance examination for the final stage in the spring, through a general review, refined, artful, and coaching in practice, to consolidate what they have learned, further systematic new and old knowledge, and deepen and improve, thereby received great review results.
  Our courses will "focus on base and capacity, said practicing with" principles to help you advance into senior high school entrance examination. Through the revise and consolidate previous knowledge, achieve the goal of mastery system grammar to make it systematic, methodical, knowledge systems; improving the accuracy of sentence to help students write correct English sentences, so as to improve the quality of written communication; understand the species and the composition of sentences, so as to improve their completion and reading co
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