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Grade 1-on-1 personalized math spring synchronization improved

Third, the last two or three months, when Sprint! Do not assume that "spring, just his head, plenty of time and plenty of hope." Carefully count the time tests how many days? How much will the average on each section of? Average score to each textbook in how much time? Average score to each time period? Solving synthesis problems with how much time?
Mathematics, junior is relatively the most comprehensive subject, ever-changing topic, or even unpredictable, how much time you are going to spend a solid foundation? Prepared to spend as much time to overcome challenges?
Teachers for all students in the class said is right for you? Some problem is too hard for you? Did not understand? Can sleep in class. Some think is too brief, and teachers again and speak all the time? Do the exercises to do day by day, but old high up?
Now into the first round of review, what chapters, what are the underlying problems in each section? Where the title examination test center? You're dealing with these issues is handy? Are you ready for second round of comprehensive review of prepared for that?
School, spelling is time, is the amount of exercise.
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