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11-to-1 personalized counseling language in early spring of synchronization improved

First, a solid foundation, early spring! Catch spring tutoring! Successful tests!
  First semester, students ranging from elementary school students translate to train junior middle school students, setting well, ride the wind straight on! Stereotypes very well, down! Think sharp teacher will help our children grow into towering trees!
  The first two days of next semester, polarization is about stereotypes, students ranked stabilized, are classmates in the spring during the final sprint! Escort school teachers, students will be able to beat!
  Second, master scientific methods of thinking, once!
  On the first semester focuses on narrative, how to apply, and write notes? Teachers can give you the Midas touch!
  First semester examination focused on style expository. Think sharp teacher will guide you comb all basis for expository Test Center: object, sequence and structure, justification for article 10 method. Giving students a solid foundation, won on the starting line.
  Argumentation of second reading test focuses on style, argumentative questions in spring: language problems, extension questions, demonstrating ideas such as topics in the form of a comprehensive study, test and problem-solving skills. Students acquire this way of thinking, you can wait!
  Emotional expression is one of the three standards to evaluate composition level, directly determines the quality of composition. Think sharp's teacher composition shows true feelings for training goals, only refined, ensure that children acquire writing vivid wa
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