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1-on-1 personalized counseling in primary school English synchronization improved

SI Rui tutor as the initiator of individualized tutoring, working to help students improve their academic performance, stimulate the students ' potential. Through students ' strengths, gaps, stimulate interest in, develop good study habits, and build self-confidence. SI Rui tutors has developed and implemented a results-oriented, student-centered service match mode. Compared to the traditional classes of counselling, SI Rui tutoring service model is based on each student's needs and preferences customize personalized mentoring programmes match both full-time professional support one-on-one counselling, think the sharp family by increasing students ' learning results, to stimulate students ' interest and the improvement of all aspects, has earned the trust of thousands of parents and students.
  Educational advantage leading teaching philosophy 2, service of process 1, 3, rich strong coaching 4, 5, 6 1 service mode of teachers 6, the unique characteristics of teaching
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