Official tilt lopsided, students ran a broken leg

But in degrees people to good of principles, we probably also is can assumes that Ministry of education, sector so arrangements of good bitter heart: this maybe can help everyone farewell in school during "warm hand Basic by mouth, warm body Basic by shake, couples Basic by arm, single basic by go" of traditional heating way, for national save fuel made must of contribution...... Official saying: "crooked lopsided above, run following a broken leg. "It was just a joke, or rather, more of a match. Unexpectedly, this now on the officials from departments such as the Ministry of education has been fulfilled.
According to the Xinhua News Agency reported on October 4, Ministry of education, the State General Administration of sport, the Communist Youth League Central Committee from October 26 the joint "millions of students nationwide sports sunshine long-distance running in winter." On October 26, in the six months until April 30 next year, the national students will keep on running every day. What is the meaning of this run? According to the Ministry of Education issued a notice saying, total mileage at 60 km of long-distance running in winter as a base and as a token of the 60 anniversary of the founding of new China.
Among them, the pupil is 120 kilometers, is 180 km of middle school students, high school and college students was 240 kilometers. To complete this task, students run distance (reference) Base: pupils 1000 meters, 1500 meters of middle school students, high school and college students of 2000 meters.
Author this came: a little running can also be artificially elevated to such a high! Of course, only by national day, a magnifying glass, is no longer a matter of running small. Because even the pupils to complete the total mileage, which is equivalent to three marathons-the latter full 42.195 kilometers. Here, our every day apart from the pupils can run 1000 metres, is that college students, if you run 2000 meters a day are also a big problem. Perhaps authors ignorance, I anyhow, as far as the eye can reach, many PE classes at the University, students in the lower grades in the 400-meter track ran two laps were breathless, and did not mention those long exercise of high school students ran five laps. Therefore, the author has every reason to suspect that these sectors in making such arrangements is done field surveys?
Then, let us take this as a mandatory exercise, exercise is always more good than harm. What's more, if schools can take this opportunity of education those students earning the problem, or stay up late playing games so that they later become a nerd and the giant panda, it is also not a piece of good news. Arrangement of departments such as the Ministry of education whether it is science? I'm afraid not. From October 26 to April 30, mandamansuan 187 days, excluding winter holiday (30 days) and weekend (45 days) after only 112 days. It seems that schools in order to accomplish this task, had to increase the amount of daily training for students or teachers work overtime during the holiday season. Clearly, the leaders this time head quite a bit, confused myself.
Of course, this does not exclude the student body does not apply, the weather suddenly poor, school accidents and other special situations. We do not know whether this is an executive order, is also an administrative proposal. But the principle of others as well, we probably can still assume that the Ministry of education and other departments to arrange care: this might help you say goodbye to school during "warm hands, warm up by shaking, couples held single" conventional heating methods, make certain contributions to save fuel. But we are lucky, not the United States, otherwise everyone's total mileage to 233 km of running as a base--this is indeed fortunate indeed!

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