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What kind of school is a good school? How students like teacher, like what? Yesterday, 2007 Hangzhou teachers principals Forum, experts and teachers focused on the creation of school environments and is suitable for students on the issue of the development of the project, they throw into the hands of the teachers, students and parents, a series of survey data is being gradually restored a student like good schools, good teachers, good course.
Teacher humor to what are the features of beautiful modern teacher-student relationship? How teachers can make kids like it? Hangzhou Institute of education primary school grade 2-6 308 students were surveyed, results showed that teacher-student relationship in the eyes of the children has been significantly different from our traditional idea of "respect elders", 22.07% 's children believe that teachers are close friends, near 15% of students think their teachers are growth partners.
Xu Huakun said the teacher of the school, she taught for ten years, this deep feeling, kids today more and more lively and cheerful, they are quite willing to express their affection for the teachers, especially the young, can play together with their teacher, kids will love it. Taught by Academy of general education, Zhejiang Province, says Dr Wang Jianmin, Director, the survey found, kids favorite humorous teacher, understand their teachers, and nice teachers. Thus, in profound teacher in teachers ' ideas, responsible for dedicated teachers in the parent concept does not meet the requirements of today's children, their sense of democracy, humanism, life vitality in the top.
Learning is fun and this is the most important in the favorite courses, campus activities survey, students are given a uniform answer--"school district". School district activities, teaching primary school, is a school-based curriculum, held every Monday afternoon, experiment, explore the night sky, Dim sum making, science, airplanes and other content in the game. "The flies and spiders which are more intelligent? "" The cat was left-handed or right-handed? "" The herbs in the what is the difference between day and night? ”…… Is this course attracts children. Listening to listening to courses of name on is interesting's, facts is so, school is in charge of school district activities courses of teacher introduced, design such of class most main of purpose not to Professor what subject knowledge, but to inspired and training children of curiosity, and curiosity is learning of drive force, school also in research this curiosity driven Xia of learning what has more long of lasting force, whether can improve students of learning quality.
In this expert's questionnaire and a student of open question--do you want to tell an idea? Several of the top five wishes has "school districts every day."
Want more male teachers in the eyes of parents, ideals of good schools to do what? In the survey, parents think teachers first, students receive development ranked second, and between the home and school distance, the school can organize public social service activities are all ranked in the bottom position.
Parents also offered "hope school teachers." Lily says of parents, children face of female teachers in the kindergarten, primary school in addition to almost all female physical education teachers, lack of fortitude on the part of men experienced in the education process, in fact, life is not sentimental, but full of twists and turns, they want their children to have more exposure and experience with some masculine thing.
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