With tolerance maintains the dignity of the child

As a teacher, when you see a child ready to pick when the largest rose garden, what do you do?
An old man came over and asked: "why did you pick this flower? "Children face said," because I love it, I want to take it home. "" Since you like the flower, then I'll give it to you, but do you want it to be here long, look at a few more days, or want to take? "The child chose the latter, old man wrote the children's names on the flowers.
A headmaster came bent kindly asks, "boy, you pick this flower for who? "The child said," my grandmother was very ill, I told her the garden there is a large rose flowers, grandmother or not, I want to take off for her, I put the flowers back. "The headmaster to bring children into the greenhouse, also picked up two large roses, to say:" this one is awarded to you, you are a love of children; this one is for you mother, for she was such a good boy. "The President is Su.
In these two stories above two different people, they have the wisdom of educators, there is no logic to analyze the behavior of children with adult, but with the Catholic maintained the dignity of a young mind. They communicate a positive education for their children, if the idea is not to communicate, it is a what? Professor ye LAN said: "the education of human activity comes from communication, education is a special communication activities. "Without communication there can be no education, lost communication education is failing schools. Our teachers less adult standards, the wisdom of more educators, more communication with the child.
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