Allow sincerely into the students ' minds

Because of family reasons, took a year's Ingrid featured back into our class, which is a shocking news in our class. The next day, British make me headache. For example, when she likes her classmates listen, loud speech, passing notes; students in the front row with homework, playing front foot kept students, asking for the answer; she often for some small thing to quarrel with classmates and even fights with boys. These are still quite more headaches is the classes compete for the flowing red flag, the other students are able to consciously safeguard the collective interests, but she often forgets to wear red scarves, be late for class, students criticize her on duty, she was not convinced, calling people mind their own business. Students do not like he does, to her disgust, even sit around or not. I have to criticize her, but effect is not obvious.
My methods are wrong? I decided to go to her house to see, might be able to find the problem. Entering her home, I didn't really know what "poor". Narrow dark room, every corner looks dirty and messy. Standing in the room, a very musty smell from them. Her parents see the teachers coming, frantically looking for a clean bench and asked me to sit down. Visiting so many students, I have never seen such a family. It turns out that they are adoptive parents of Ingrid, Ingrid's education, they can't help any busy.
After coming home, I read a number of books on educational psychology and to education, experienced teachers, I intend to take the way talk of Psychology counseling to educate British. Happened this semester, the school held a large-scale mass activities requiring student uniform uniforms, placement of the student to catch up on school uniforms. For other students, this is not a problem, but for Ingrid, 38 of the uniform is not a small number. Therefore, I pay for her book a. School uniform ready, I asked her to come to the Office. After the ayinglai has been with his head down, staring at the ground, both hands pulling his shirt. To ease her nerves, I kindly said, her days progress, cleaning of the more active, students are starting to like her. She is very excited conversation easy. Take advantage of this opportunity, I turn to her and on the collective, asked if she felt good to classmates or care collective and happy things, she said she had once helped students sweep, students thanked her, and feel very happy. I laughed and she did. From that point on, he does behavior have changed a lot, start sincere and eager to help other students. Gradually, her many friends in the class, the students also like to play with her, and some even offer to help her with ... ... In a class lesson on, she and her classmates performing together, has been recognized by everyone. At the parents ' meeting, I went out in front of her father praised her progress. The next day, she came to my Office, his face smiling, bright-eyed, she said she was praised by the father, also told the students invited to join her in the game for class a and, more recently, what a good thing. Watching her blond look, I am very pleased, thought of Su's words: "road to the minds of children, not a clean straight path, but through the fertile fields. "Yes, as long as communicate sincerely with love, we'll get the harvest in this fertile field.
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