The professional well-being of teachers where

Yesterday afternoon in Hangzhou Shangcheng district, Hangzhou City, sponsored by the Bureau of the sixth "star teacher Forum" opening day. Reporters on the scene his eyes lit up, as if entering a fashion designer launches, men suit, white shirt, red tie; ladies applying makeup, hair flying, anyone who would give a charming smile.
Site published the "investigation report on the professionalism of teachers", city 10 school survey was conducted of 300 teachers, which 89% thought "when the teacher with a sense of accomplishment and well-being." Their understanding of "the professional well-being of teachers" come from? In random media interviews some teacher.
Chong Wen school, the well-being of teachers from schools in Hangzhou Cheng Xiaoying, Jiang 赟 two teachers believe that the professional well-being of teachers from schools. Schools are teachers with family and growing environment. Professional development, leadership training, trust colleagues, peer assistance can have full access, determines the correct positioning of the teachers ' own career, as well as the positive or negative attitude toward life, thereby determining access to happiness. When teachers through their own effort to overcome one difficulty after another, achieve one success after another time; when the teacher satisfaction ratings from their students and parents, when teachers from within when you experience the pride of a recognized, happiness has quietly come around teachers and influence on grow up happy.
Tong Wei, Chong Wen school, originally a Chinese substitute teacher, usually not very sound. Once in a while a teacher of entertainment activities, Tong Wei the "time, place, person, event," 4 keywords, write a wonderful music, readings, story sketches, let people sit up. Later, Tong Wei during a recitation contest to bring the unique charm of his voice, then school will introduce "Chong Wen" soundtrack narration, and "multi-Forum" on reading the task given to him. Tong Wei man, he became a sports teacher, and his school football team Tiger, confident his vigour.
Teacher is first and foremost a man of passion about the marital status of teachers, victory primary school principal Zhang Haoqiang said humorously: "do everything possible to give them to create conditions, invigorating, and open to the public. "What he calls" invigorating ", that is, if men and women are both school teachers, just a rolling out signs, give their arrangement with learning and communication;" open ", that is, to single men and women teachers to create some external social activities, searching for a mate. It is reported that the victory had arranged for female teachers in primary schools and the public security and armed police units Gala.
Zhang Haoqiang when you first came to the school when the teacher, the school has provided, before working for three years are not allowed to fall in love, it might affect the work. "In fact, this is illogical, the teacher should first be a healthy person, have emotions. Don't see very lofty mysterious teacher job, a man who does not know how to live when bad teachers. "Zhang Haoqiang said at victory elementary school, good teacher in class may not be the most popular with students, students like those look nice, be able to play together with their teacher.
In order for teachers to produce fresh, the school is also unique for their humane care. For example, secretly gave each teacher to take a photo and send it to their parents, and school leaders support thanks to the elderly; again, 38, all male teachers Cook, Cook for female teachers.
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