Teachers fail blog cannot review titles

Encourage teachers to establish a personal blog, his teaching notes, classroom video, writing in your blog. Ouhai District Education Bureau revealed that this subparagraph will be implemented in schools, teachers ' blog set up and results in the annual assessment of teachers ' blog content and as a teacher, the prerequisites for promotion of technical post title.
Education will be directly under the school and town, ouhai district (Street) Central School as a unit, provide a set of digital teaching platform software, used for teachers ' personal blog. Perception of life, teaching notes and lesson design, classroom video, book, can write blogs. Education Bureau, ouhai District have specific requirements on the number of blog writing: the key (model), each school who made the logs on a monthly average of not less than 10 articles; urban school teachers less than 6 articles per month, rural schools no less than 4. 5 years later, major provinces opened personal blog 70% per cent of teachers in schools, urban school 60%, rural schools at 40%.
Ouhai District Education Bureau officials say, encouraging teachers to start a personal blog, intended to show personal style, and hope that the blog can become a platform for the exchange between teachers and students. In January 2008, to launch a personal blog contest, assessment test cannot declare promoted titles, cannot comment on assessment.
It was also learned, ouhai District Teacher's blog is "teacher quality year" campaign. 5 years in the future, activities will also, through teachers, new teachers, ouhai district activities such as job training, to enhance teacher quality.
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