Teacher writing like a read Word documents and be done

Teacher composition such as reading documents, a "link" Word and be done simply to "very good", "better" alternatives such as comment; even the comments are always "theme, sound structure", "writing is smooth, sincere feelings" and other cliches ... ... City Board of education, classroom teaching, published this brief analysis of effectiveness report, correcting compositions lack pertinence, with student exchanges, dialogues and recommendations is missing.
Teacher Lu Jichun pointed out that several problems existing in teacher correcting compositions, first step by step applies to student work in the writing mode and, secondly, correcting only pointed out that sentences, misspellings, no further guidance on the language again, many teachers seem a great effort, but all were issues against the students ' enthusiasm.
Editor in Chief of the Chinese study Professor Li Feng said, correcting is the interaction between student and teacher, correcting compositions more humorous, less didactic, more sincere and less empty.
What kind of fixed composition correction is the best? Huadongshida Zhou Hong, Deputy Director of Chinese Research Center said the teacher, marking should be targeted, to point out advantages and disadvantages, and recommends changes. "I have tried, according to which the two requirements and grade a composition, at least 15 minutes. "To this end, Zhou Hong recommends the implementation of small class teaching, teacher of" burden lightening ".
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